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Computer parts in Spanish: exercise and pronunciation

Computer parts in Spanish: exercise and pronunciation
parts of the computer in spanish

Lesson about computer parts in Spanish: exercise and pronunciation (partes de la computadora en español) 

This lesson has two sections: the first is the translation and pronunciation, and the second is a listening exercise for you to memorize the computer parts in Spanish. (Partes de la computadora en español). This lesson also includes computer-related vocabulary.

1. Listen and repeat:

Computer: Computador, computadora or ordenador * Computador ordenador computadora

Desktop computer: Computadora de escritorio Computadora de escritorio

Laptop computer: Computadora portátil Computadora portatil

Screen: Pantalla Pantalla

Keyboard: Teclado Teclado

Mouse: Ratón** Raton

Battery: Batería Bateria

Power cord: Cable de poder Cable de poder

CD drive: Unidad de CD Unidad de cd

DVD drive: Unidad de DVD Unidad de dvd

CD or DVD player: Lector de CD or Lector de DVD Lecto de cd or lector de dvd

Monitor: Monitor Monitor

Hard drive: Disco duro Disco Duro

USB flash drive: Memoria USB Memoria usb

Printer: Impresora Impresora

Scanner: Escáner Escaner


Print: Imprimir Imprimir

Scan: Escanear Escanear

Copy: Copiar Copiar

 Paste: Pegar Pegar

Cut: Cortar Cortar

Save: Guardar or salvar Guardar or salvar  

Turn on (the computer): Prender or encender Prender or encender

Turn off (the computer): Apagar Apagar


* In Spanish we can use three different words to refer to “COMPUTER”: “COMPUTADOR”, “COMPUTADORA” or “ORDENADOR”. The three forms are accepted and understandable in any Spanish-speaking country.

** In Spanish when talking about computers, we can refer to the word “MOUSE” as “RATÓN” or “MOUSE” (using the English form)


2. Now, you can take the following quiz about computer parts. The objective of the quiz is to help you memorize vocabulary.  Listen to the word in Spanish, and then try to find the equivalent in English. Click on “START QUIZ

[WpProQuiz 1]